Winning artists, members of the jury and curators of the 20th contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil

Trophy sculpture for this edition created by the Brazilian artist Flávia Ribeiro

Curators on stage

Solange Farkas and guest curators

Lisette Lagnado (chair of the award jury)

Andrés Padilla Domene (left) receives Honorable Mention prize from artist Flávia Ribeiro, creator of the trophy sculpture

Graziela Kunsch (left) receives residency awards from Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka, head of the artistic residencies department at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Emo de Medeiros (left) receives residency awards from Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, director of the Goethe-Institut São Paulo and for South America

Engel Leonardo (left) receives residency awards from Mami Katsuya, Kyoto Art Center Program Director

The pair of artists La Decanatura receives residency awards from Sabina Schwarzenbach, member of management and Head of Communication at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Natasha Mendonca (left) receives residency awards from Jennifer Lange, curator at the Wexner Center for the Arts

Vivian Ostrovsky, director of the Ostrovsky Family Fund, announces O.F.F - Ostrovsky Family Fund award

Jaime Lauriano (left) receives O.F.F. - Ostrovsky Family Fund Award from Vivian Ostrovsky

Jaime Lauriano, O.F.F. award winning artist

Juliana Braga, Sesc's manager of visual art and technology, announces the three Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Award's winning artists, with members of the jury Marina Fokidis, Lisette Lagnado and Salah Hassan

Benjamin de Burca, Marina Fokidis, Bárbara Wagner and Juliana Braga

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Award's winning artists

Quy Minh Truong (left) receives Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Award from Lisette Lagnado

Quy Minh Truong, Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Award's winning artist

Sana N'Hada receives for artist Filipa César the Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Award from Salah Hassan

Sana N’Hada

The awards offered by the 20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil aim to acknowledge and encourage the development of artists producing compelling work, regardless of languages and media. They include prize money awards, partly related to the acquisition of artworks, and artist residency awards, in line with an established strategy of fostering experiences of exchange and movement as a means to stimulate creation and enhance trajectories. All awards were granted by the Festival jury, composed of guest curators and representatives of the residency programs.

Special awards


Sesc São Paulo, the Festival’s presenter, offers three Sesc Art Collection Acquisition Awards, worth R$25,000 each, for video works. The following artists will receive R$ 25,000 each and their works will be included in the institution’s contemporary art collection:

Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca (Brazil/ Germany),
work Faz que vai (2015, video);

Filipa César (Portugal/ Germany),
work Transmission from the Liberated Zones (2015, video);

Quy Minh Truong (Vietnam),
work Vuon Bau Xanh Tuoi (2016, video).


The Ostrovsky Family Fund, which supports several cultural initiatives in the United States, Israel, and Brazil, offered the O.F.F Award, worth R$25,000, to the artist Jaime Lauriano (Brazil), works Morte Súbita (2014, video) and O Brasil (2014, video).


The Festival has consistently offered artist residency awards since the early 2000s, in cooperation with a dynamic network of partner institutions and exchange programs worldwide. Interdisciplinarity and focus on the South-South dialogue are important characteristics for many of these organizations, although they offer, on the whole, a diversity of experiences and lines of thought and work. The residency awards were granted by the Festival’s jury, taking into consideration the affinities between the research of each winning artist and the guidelines of each program. Five artists were awarded and will take part in two-month residency programs in 2018-2019, with airfare, accommodation and per diem:

Graziela Kunsch (Brazil), works Ensaio Ilú Obá de Min (2015, video) and Escolas (2016, video): Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Poland);

Engel Leonardo (Dominican Republic), work Pisos (2017, installation): Kyoto Art Center (Japan);

La Decanatura (Colombia), work Centro Espacial Satelital de Colombia (2015, video): Pro Helvetia (Switzerland);

Emo de Medeiros (France/ Benin), works Kaleta/Kaleta (2013-2017, three-channel video installation) and Vodunaut #009, Vodunaut #010, Vodunaut #011(from the series Vodunaut, 2016-2017, installation): Residência Vila Sul - Goethe-Institut (Brazil);

Natasha Mendonca (India), works Ajeeb Aashiq (2016, film) and Trance (2016, video): Wexner Center for the Arts (USA).


Andrés Padilla Domene (México/France), work Ciudad Maya (2016, video).

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About Artist Residency Awards

Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Residency Prize
CCA Ujazdowski Castle
Warsaw, Poland

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art is the premiere interdisciplinary art center in Poland and one of the most vibrant art centers in Central and Eastern Europe. About four hundred events take place yearly at the U-jazdowskithat involve audience consisted of professionals, artists, students but also people not acquainted with art on an everyday basis. The residencies for artists, curators, designers, and researchers constitute an important part of the Ujazdowski CCC Art programme since 2002. They have accommodated almost two hundred residents from the whole world, allowing them to cooperate with important foreign institutions, galleries, and art festivals. For each foreign artist visiting Warsaw U-jazdowski, the team of curators Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka (head), Marianna Dobkowska, Anna Ptak, Agnieszka Sosnowska, and Aleksandra Biedka (office manager), create a unique network of cooperators, artists, activists, researchers, and institutions, regarding his or her individual practice.

Goethe-Institut Residency Prize
Vila Sul Residency
Salvador, Brazil

The institution’s first residency program in the Southern Hemisphere is based in a city that is key to South-South cooperation. Situated in the Black Atlantic, it was the first Brazilian capital and boasts an African-Brazilian background. Exchanges between resident artists and between artists and locals are essential to the program, especially those focusing the connections between Africa and South America and the concept of the Global South. The institute houses a studio-theater, galleries, a patio, and a library. It offers ideal conditions for encounters of different formats, aimed at fostering reflection and stimulating cultural production.

Kyoto Art Center Residency Prize
Kyoto Art Center
Kyoto, Japan

The Kyoto Art Center is a cultural center dedicated to promoting exchanges between the global art scene and Kyoto. Its residency program offers support for emerging artists and researchers who wish to pursue creative activities in the city. The Kyoto Art Center was conceived as a meeting place for various genres of art as well as for creating new cultures through the revitalization of the city’s tradition, which is connected with technology, industry, and everyday life of its citizens.

Pro Helvetia Residency Prize | South America Programme

The Pro Helvetia Residency Prize | South America Programmeis grantedbythe Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in partnership with the20th Contemporary ArtFestival Sesc_Videobrasilwithin the framework of the South America exchangeprogramme2017-2020. Theprogrammeaims to foster cultural exchanges and give rise to new partnerships between Switzerlandand South American countries. One artist based in South America willreceive a threemonth residency with one of Pro Helvetia partner residencies in Switzerland. The time and place of the residency will be defined together with the artist in response to his or her specific demands and research interests.

Wexner Center for the Arts Residency Prize
Wexner Center for the Arts
Columbus, USA

Among the diverse artists who receive production assistance from the Wexner Center each year, recipients of theWexner Center Artist Residency Awardconstitute a special category. A handful of artists spanning all creative disciplines are selected annually by the center’s director and curators to receive this distinction. Celebrating its 22nd anniversary this season, the Artist Residency Award program offers the most substantial support: considerable financial resources, along with technical, intellectual, professional, and moral support to develop new work.

Institutional support
Cultural support
Residency program partners